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The idea of merging culture with the economy isn’t new, but the recent discourse surrounding it is… Increase innovation and creativity, the argument goes and the profits will follow… Culture, as collapsed into the creative industries means ‘not the traditional fine arts, nor the modernist cultural industries like cinema and radio, but instead the newly minted and digitized professions that shape the lightweight, complex, ephemeral, ever-changing aesthetic experiences of the hyper-mediated city.’ Nevertheless, the traditional arts continue to play a significant role, for along with the vast flows of immaterial goods – software, IP, experience, entertainment – come the material façades.” — Kirsty Robertson, “Crude Culture” Fuse Magazine, (31.2): 2008, 14. Quoting Brian Holmes. “One World One Dream” Continental Drift : The Other Side of Neoliberal Globalization. Accessed 19 August 2008. http://brianholmes.wordpress.com/2008/01/08/one-world-one-dream/


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Diagramme relationnel - Clarence Gagnon - Propagande picturale - Cirque du Soleil

Felicity Tayler, artiste en arts visuels, utilise l’archétype du tableau de paysage pour créer des liens avec autrui. Elle s’intéresse également aux icônes nationales ainsi qu’aux systèmes économiques et de valeurs. Par ce fait, elle voit cette opportunité comme une redistribution des richesses au sein du milieu culturel contemporain…

Felicity Tayler is a conceptual artist who uses the archetype of western landscape painting as a premise to create relationships. She is also interested in national icons, economics and value systems, and as such she welcomes this opportunity to redistribute wealth within the contemporary cultural milieu…. (more…)

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