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The topographical views of military officers were in fact simply one manifestation of the romantic inclination of English gentlemen of the later eighteenth century to delight in the splendours of natural scenery or anything they found in their travels that was charmingly primitive, rough, quaint, or exotic — in a word picturesque. — Dennis Reid. A Concise History of Canadian Painting. 2nd ed. (Toronto : Oxford University Press, 1988), 19.


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A vrai dire la beauté des paysages de Charlevoix n’est perçu que par les premiers visiteurs anglophones vers le milieu du XIXe siècle… Quand, à partir de 1844, un service de vapeurs permet d’amener tous les jeudis les voyageurs de la ville de Québec… Charlevoix change de vocation. Le comté devient un haut lieu touristique, au climat salubre, où l’on peut prendre des bains de mer … «Peu d’endroits au Canada soutiennent la comparaison pour la beauté du paysage», proclament les guides touristiques… La beauté du compté du Charlevoix était donc née, fille improbable du choléra de 1832 et de l’industrie touristique naissante!” — François-Marc Gagnon. Charlevoix : Une histoire d’art 1900-1940. Baie-Saint-Paul : Centre d’exposition de Baie-Saint-Paul, 1994, p 7-8.

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When I was a child, I knew no more about nature than a squirrel. If someone had asked me what nature was, I would probably have said that it was my family’s farm, the woods especially and the creek that flooded every spring. Nature was space and the wild things in it, like the geese that flew overhead.” — George Gessert, “Gathered from Coincidence : Reflections on Art in a Time of Global Warming” Leonardo 40, no. 3 (2007) p.231

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Landscape does not exist in nature without the eye which grasps an expanse of land as a landscape. Climate’s existence is similar… Climate is thus a multidimentional phenomenon in which are combined the contributions of nature, culture, history and geography, but also the imaginary and the symbolic.” — Julien Knebusch. “The Perception of Climate Change” Leonardo 40, no.2 (2007) p.113

I’ll be back at the Marché Atwater / Atwater Market in June and July, and at the 25e SYMPOSIUM international d’art contemporain de BAIE-SAINT-PAUL in August.

Venez me rencontrer…

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