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Comment rencontrer un vampire : babillard communautaire


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Click here for the Perfect-bound paper-back book

And here for the PDF download

This book includes a critical essay on Elizabeth Simcoe by Denis Longchamps, and has been added to the list of required readings for Cynthia Hammond’s, City as Palimpsest graduate seminar at Concordia University.

I wanted to try out print on demand online publishing, as a recent iteration of democratic distribution of information, so here is the result from Lulu.com : a little pocket book that resumes my encounters in the Quarties des Spectacles in 2008. I think it looks pretty nice and the response so far has been positive. As far as the POD experience goes, overall I was pleased with how easy the Lulu interface handled my files, and it was a fairly painless process. Shipping prices to Canada are exaggerated, and although the user forums promise that this will be resolved soon, I wanted to make sure that a download was available as another shipping-free option (although I recommend the paper experience). I kept the costs as low as possible but you can still contact me if you want to make a trade for it.

Description : Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe (1762-1850) was an early tourist passing though Montréal she traveled with her husband on his way to found the city of Toronto. Felicity Tayler and Denis Longchamps study the relationship between Simcoe’s picturesque watercolours and the present-day touristic development in the heart of downtown Montréal. For more history on the project, search Simcoe or Quartier des Spectacles on the blog.

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